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Guidance is Key to
Student Success

"The current matriculation model assumes that students will clarify their educational objective in the course of meeting with a counselor. However, many students never see a counselor. Even before the 52 percent budget cut to Matriculation funding, colleges were unable to provide all students with access to counseling services to help them clarify and refine their educational objectives and assist with the development of education plans to achieve those objectives. Student to counselor ratios range from 800 to 1 to 1800+ to 1 in the community colleges... Helping students make informed choices about their education is a critical strategy to help increase student success in the California Community Colleges."

~California Community Colleges' Student Success Task Force Report,
pages 22-23
Student figuring out which direction to go
In order to create a meaningful Education Plan, one that will provide the motivation to stay the course and complete their education even when the going gets tough, students need to know not only what they want to do with their lives but also what they don't want to happen. Under the current model of advisement, even if a student is lucky enough to get an appointment with a counselor, this type of planning is unlikely to happen within the average 30-minute to one hour counseling session.

When students have completed a course using and arrive with their online 10 year career and education planning reports, their advisement sessions will be informed and therefore productive. Counselors can finally do what they are trained to do: provide in-depth guidance and understanding of the next steps required to be successful, both at college and later in the workforce.

And in the event that students don't have the opportunity to see a counselor, their work within the Career Choices and Changes structured course should provide the personal data, understanding, and research required to develop an Education Plan that will lead to completion of their education in the most time efficient manner.