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Blooms Taxonomy

The Career Choices & Changes curriculum is unlike any other teaching tool used today. In contrast to the didactic prose of other textbooks that deliver knowledge in a passive “tell-me” format, the Career Choices & Changes/My10yearPlan. com® model is a series of interactive charts, activities, questions, and surveys in a carefully developed scope and sequence. Using the Socratic method of ques- tioning (on paper) rather than lecturing (found in didactic text), this approach fos- ters the development of the critical thinking skills required in today’s workforce.

The workbook and online material walk students through a step-by-step process that provides the foundation for determining – with confidence – their routes to the life, career, and education plans that match their personal goals and ideals. In this course of action, they learn a decision-making process that can be used throughout their lives when making any life-defining choices.

Understandably, this is a complex process that requires the application of high- er-order thought: analysis, synthesis, creativity, and strategic thinking. As they make what are probably some of the most important decisions of their lives, learn- ers are required to continually review the information and personal data collected in earlier chapters (Section One: Who am I? Section Two: What do I want?) and apply that knowledge and understanding in later chapters (Section Three: How do I get it?) while developing their quantitative and meaningful 10-year plans.

Blooms Taxonomy

Each of the documents and plans can be graded as authentic assessments as noted in the graphic to the right.

Keep in mind that® is not an e-book. It is a digital, data-driv- en online platform that collects personalized data throughout the course and transforms it into a variety of valuable documents that can be used for assess- ment and grading.

These Include: