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Pricing for Career Choices & Changescourse curriculum for students
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Given the cost of similar textbooks and online programs, why are these priced so low?

In business since 1990, Academic Innovations is an award-winning, mission-oriented educational publisher whose purpose is to help individuals of all ages envision and realize self-sufficient, productive lives.  By changing attitudes, our products change lives -- and the more lives the better. As a family-run business, we don’t have investors or stockholders, so we can keep our prices low (by industry standards) and our materials accessible.  

How can students purchase these products at the discounted prices?

Your college bookstore can issue a purchase order to acquire the discounted bundle that includes both the Career Choices & Changes workbook and® license.  Each shrink-wrapped book will contain a one-time-use registration code for®.  Your off-campus students can purchase the bundle through our online store, and we’ll ship everything directly to their door.

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Can the Career Choices & Changes workbook be used without the® program? Yes.

  Can® be used without the Career Choices & Changes workbook?  No.


The Career Choices & Changes process leads to the development of an individual education, life, and career plan that is multi-faceted and complex.  Having a hardcopy in the form of the workbook allows the student to more easily plot their path and draft their plans. Show More 

Can these materials be used in a distance learning setting?  Of course! 

This interactive, comprehensive guidance course is the closest most learners will get to having a personal career counselor or life coach. Drawing on the Socratic method, the process is propelled by questions that the learner must explore as they work to elicit their own personal truths about their future. Show More 

What resources are provided to adopting college instructors?

In addition to the Career Choices & Changes workbook and, the following resources will enhance your teaching experience. Show resources 

White paper: Why was the Career Choices series designed in a way that requires the student to use both a textbook/workbook and the online®?
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