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Hybrid Course

"Our research has shown that while student success and high levels of student and instructor satisfaction can be produced consistently in the fully online environment, many faculty and students lament the loss of faceto- face contact. Blended learning retains the face-to-face element, making it--in the words of many faculty--the "best of both worlds."

- Charles Dzubian, Joel Hartman, Patsy Moskal
Career Choices & Changes and
Studies show that hybrid learning (also know as blended learning) is a powerful instructional strategy. The Career Choices and Changes workbook along with the decision-making tool is an out of the box curriculum solution for instructors who want to go to the next level of instructional implementation.

When instructors “flip the classroom” using the student-engaging, interactive and workbook to present content prior to each class meeting, precious face-to-face time with students can be used for more indepth class discussions and projects. This provides the classroom-based, comprehensive guidance experience critical to student success.

The role of the instructor will change from lecturer …to advisor, coach and Socratic mentor. Both instructor and student satisfaction will soar.