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Distance Learning Course

Today, more and more colleges and universities are adopting distance learning course options for their students, particularly those living far away or returning to school while still full-time employees. Interactive, online curriculum is critical to the success of these courses.

For the first time, a comprehensive guidance course is available with and the Career Choices and Changes workbook. Robust and rigorous, the course material engages and guides the learner through 100 online activities that culminate with the development of:
  • a meaningful and comprehensive online 10-year career and education plan
  • a dynamic skills inventory tied to their chosen career
  • a detailed college plan, including their research and list of courses related to their career path
  • a multi-page Career Planning and Personal Portfolio
When you study these student-generated documents, you’ll see insights that normally require hours and hours of one-on-one counseling.

The guidance and support of an enthusiastic instructor is still vital for students today. But if you are unable to conduct a hybrid course, this is a close second in relation to student outcomes. There is nothing else like it on the market today. If you are using one of the many virtual learning environments and course management systems at your college (such as Blackboard®), click here to view the resources available to help you set up your online distance learning course.