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Curriculum Data

While the college version of the Career Choices series is still new, the high school programs have been demonstrating its effectiveness for over 25 years.  You’ll find data here.

Recently our college and college/high school collaborations have started gathering data on their success.

Eastern Promise of Eastern Oregon University

Eastern Promise, a university/high school collaboration sponsored by Eastern Oregon University, uses the full Get Focused Stay Focused! ® (GFSF) curriculum.  They do it a bit differently from the traditional GFSF model. 

Their Success 101 program is their freshman course using the college edition, Career Choices and Changes.  Their Success 201 is all three GFSF modules delivered in the junior year as a 3-unit semester course.  All students who successful complete the course work receive dual enrollment credit from Eastern Oregon University. 

2016 cohort is the first year of students to graduate with all the coursework, including the 3 modules. The previous graduating classes did non receive any of these interventions.

Here are their reported results indicating increased student motivation and focus on higher education. 2016 graduating class received the Student Success courses.  Previous graduating classes did not.

Graduated with Honors Diploma
Class of 2016 = 66
Class of 2015 = 48

Applied for FASFA
Class of 2016: 148 completed (as of June 9, 2016) out of a class size of 222 = 66.6% completed a FAFSA
Class of 2015: 98 completed out of a class size of 197 = 50% completed a FAFSA
Class of 2014: 108 completed out of a class of 192 = 56% completed a FAFSA

Scholarships $ earned
Class of 2016: 2,948,410
Class of 2015: 2,196,041
Class of 2014: $2,202,425

20 School Randomized Study

The University of California, Santa Barbara has started a 20 high school randomized study, to validate the effectiveness of Get Focused...Stay Focused college/high school program model. More details on this study.