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The Goals of a Student Success Initiative

For career and college readiness, every student entering college should have:

An informed declared major
A college or post-secondary path
An online 10-year Career & Education Plan
Unique Skills-based Education Plan

As recognized in the Student Success Task Force Report

Guidance is the Key to Student Success

Yet in today’s fiscally challenged colleges there are not enough guidance professionals -  with enough time - to impact the educational motivation of students because of what research tells us.

One Solution:
Imagine every entering student completing a 3-unit comprehensive guidance course that culminates into an online 10 year Plan that is used for advisory and academic coaching purposes.

Recommended by the American Association of Community Colleges’ in their 2012 report, Reclaiming the American Dream:

All or most students would complete a student success course in their first term and enter a structured program of study as soon as possible.”
(page 25)
Student Success Course Example

Click here for an example of a Student Success Course
outline that can be used for planning and development