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Program Methodology

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Education and Training 10 year Plan

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The Implementation of a College-wide Initiative for Student Success requires only two things:
  • A required comprehensive guidance course culminating in an online 10-year Plan.

  • All counselors and instructors are trained on the use of the online 10-year Plan for academic coaching and advisory purposes

Student Success Course Example
Click here for an example of a Student Success Course outline
that can be used for planning and development 


A required three-unit comprehensive guidance course that culminates in a meaningful 10-year career and education plan. This could be a new course or integrated into existing College Success or Career and Life Planning course. When using® and the Career Choices and Changes workbook, delivery options include hybrid, distance learning, or traditional face-to-face course.

All counselors are trained and use the online 10-year plans for advisory sessions. When students arrive at their counseling session with their data driven 10-year plans complete, their advisors have the details needed to help each student finalize not only a meaningful education plan but a motivational one as well.

All instructors are trained in the use the online 10-year plan for academic coaching.
Every instructor will want to study each student's online 10-year Plan summary page. Then when a student's academic effort does not meet lifestyle expectations, this reality can be pointed out to them in a way that is personalized to their life goals. Instead of saying, 'you need to pass this course to graduate,' the challenge is personalized. 'If you want to become a high school baseball coach, you need to graduate from college and you need this class to graduate.' Because the student is constantly reminded of the goals they've developed for themselves they will be more receptive and more likely to buckle down and exert the energy and focus necessary.